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White flower halo with roses and leafs

White flower halo with roses and leafs

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This a beautiful White flower halo with roses and leafs. Such Pastel flower crown includes blush, pink roses, white flowers, and woodland leaf. The Boho wedding crown, is really capable of emphasizing the beauty of a girl and singling her out of the crowd. Therefore today a Floral accessory is sought by almost every fashionista to be in a trend and attract the views of others. The Greenery hair piece will be a great accessory for a bride.
Dressing head flower wreaths, women look bright and attractive. The flower head crown suitable for a wedding look, evening, party and for a date.

Flower Crown can be one of the most important details of your look. Floral wreath made from unique flowers and berries so your sample will be exclusive one!)

Materials: artificial flowers, leafs + back tie ribbon
Size: Adjustable with tie back ribbon

+ Beautiful high-quality materials
+ 100% handmade
+ All items will be made to order special FOR YOU ---> All of them are unique
+ Your item will be gift packed for free
+ The colors of main flowers can vary, just write us
+ Feel free to ask for a custom order


+++ Package:
All items will be carefully packed in special package materials, so it will come to you in safety.

+++ Shipping:
I will let you know when your package is on the way. I will also send you a tracking number for your package.

The actual color may differ slightly from the one you see on your monitor screen, as it depends on the specific monitor settings.

For additional information, feel free to write me!

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